Company Info

Established in 1965

At Aqua-turf, the company was established in 1965, by my father David. He first started as a lawn care company. Back then, there were few who could skillfully coordinate the demand of reel type lawn mowing on a daily basis to customers who demanded quality. From there the small company had grown into landscaping, which consisted of medium to large scale plantings, renovating of landscapes and lawns, shrub and tree care, seasonal flowers, along with several call backs for trimming of ornamentals for that picture perfect placement. As the demand for complete homeowner care, the business had moved to larger, more diverse services, which include lawn sprinklers, hard-scapes- of that pavers, large rock and boulder incorporation of natural plantings, and walkways had been added to further the wide scope of complete services that were offered. In addition, Large tree pruning and removal, along with storm damage limbs was brought on.

Having set the stage known for commitment and quality craftsmanship, David had frequently invested in equipment to streamline the services provided, providing more of a stream line product capability, and proving to be ahead of the curve. Moving from 100 percent of residential work, the company had crossed over to commercial projects, which include newer developments of cooperate parks, restaurants, strip malls and shopping centers. From the growth of those endeavors, the already wide range of services had further expanded to large snow removal areas, asphalt and concrete repair, internal warehouse maintenance, and on occasion, parking lot striping.

Being a pioneer of his time, David had set the stage for myself to jump on board and follow in his footsteps. Today, the second generation owner, Marc, has re-developed the company from a small lawn care operation, to a reputable contracting company, developing relationships and contacts along the northeast from Maryland to Maine. You will see with the following pages, that I am fully committed in the trade, and constantly investing in the growth and development of my company. I now offer many specialty trade services that are hard to find. With a vast arsenal of specialized equipment and knowledge, and not being afraid in further territory, you will find a complete contracting company, who will provide optimum results, time and time again.

I went from being on the job after school as a hobby, and now being fully invested in my business, the invaluable lead that I have gained from my father’s beginning, had given me a solid platform to stand on and create a contracting business today.